22: Not a new lifestyle For those who thirst for humanity!

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“There are people in the world that seem to be alive. They breathe, walk, talk and live. However, they are indeed taken prisoner by the world, kept in bondage by life and smitten by the events. For staying alive, they belittle themselves so much so that they seem to be dead. In contrast, free people may have a short life, but they live well. They breathe at will and are not subjected to the will of others - others are subjected to them.”

This book is going to show a new way to everyone who needs a change in life!

This book is for those who are seeking truth and have not yet found it. It is for those who have freedom of thought and hate people depriving others of freedom, whether they are ordinary people on the streets of the city, or the great media that not only do not think freely but also do not let others think freely. And whenever truth was to be told to the public, if it was likely to shake the high palace governing public opinion, it was nipped in the bud.
The book is for those who are looking for something new to live by … a new idea …
Though it certainly is not so new since it has existed since the very early life of humans on the Earth, but it is new for you and me, governed by the media.
A new idea for a new lifestyle! The lifestyle seems painful at first glance, but if we look carefully, it is like a calm ocean which no light wind can disturb.
In the lifestyle, a person doesn’t easily overlook the pains of his/her fellow creatures; he/she is ready to put his/her life at risk so that others will not lose their comfort.
The lifestyle caused this poem to be composed:
The children of humanity are each other’s limbs
That share an origin in their creator
When one limb passes its days in pain
The other limbs can’t rest easy
The lifestyle is followed by the comprehensive development of the human being; it doesn’t let you become a caricature of yourself. You have seen a caricature, haven’t you?!
In the lifestyle, you don’t see injustice. Backing out, playing falsely, betraying and being unkind are meaningless …
And of course maybe you think that this is all make-believe …
No, friend! There are those who live this way, and even more so.
It was some years that people with this lifestyle appeared increasingly, a little farther, in Iran. But as if the great evils did not find any way to eliminate this kind of life except by attacking Iran militarily through their then puppet, Iraq, but they could not foresee the consequences. Maybe you do not believe it, but it was the very war that exhibited the same lifestyle which they did not want that it exists.